Emergency Medical Dispatching

Dispatchers with Northampton Public Safety are all trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching, or EMD, through Priority Dispatch and certified through the International Academy of EMD. This is a 24 hour course with required yearly continued education and testing. When calling our agency for your medical needs, Dispatchers will obtain entry level information and then will ask more specific questions based on the patients symptoms and chief complaint.

Callers will be asked:

  • Exact location of the incident
  • Phone number reporting party is calling from
  • Problem or nature of the call
  • How many are sick or injured
  • The age and sex of the patient if not obvious
  • If the patient is conscious
  • If the patient is breathing
  • Then additional questions based on the chief complaint

These protocols give the Dispatcher instructions to provide to the caller to prepare for the ambulance’s arrival and to tend to the patient. The pre-arrival instructions can assist the caller in providing CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, child birth/delivery as well as Epinephrine Auto-Injector and Naloxone administration.

When calling for an ambulance, try to answer the Dispatcher’s questions and rest assured that by the Dispatcher asking these questions is not weighing the validity of your call or delaying the dispatching of the Ambulance. The answers you provide are used to determine if additional resources are needed and are relayed to the responding ambulance to better help them prepare to promptly render care.

Our Dispatchers are also CPR/AED certified and complete ride time with Northampton Fire Rescue on both the Ambulance and Engines.