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Senior Center Membership

Becoming a member is free, easy, and open to anyone over the age of 55.

The Senior Center offers extensive programming for Northampton seniors and seniors in the surrounding communities. The center is a vibrant and active environment where many social and cultural groups come together. The Senior Center does all it can to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where programs meet the diverse interests of its members. Most programs are open to all members with some higher fees, and/or wait times for registration for non-residents. This is usually only when there is limited capacity or if a program is grant funded and intended for residents only. 

NOTE: Everyone will be required to update their membership before returning to the center!!

How to become a member

The membership onboarding process happens at the Senior Center's welcome desk and can include a tour. (Anyone wishing to become a member must do so in person). Appointments are necessary and this process takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Please email or for an appointment, call 587-1228, option 4. Why become a member

It is important to become a member for many reasons. Unless someone (age 55+) is attending on a one-time basis as a guest, we request that all participants complete the member registration form and have a short orientation which includes issuance of a scan card and taking a picture to place on file with pertinent emergency contact information. This ensures that Senior Center Staff can adequately assist in the event of an emergency. Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be utilized in case of an emergency, for contact tracing, or if Staff need to reach you for any reason.

Membership Renewals

An essential part of our process for welcoming you back to the building will include updating your membership information, emergency contact info, obtaining waivers and registering you for the online portal called My Active Center which will allow you to sign up and pay for classes anytime (online). This process will need to be completed before you can start using the center's facilities or attending any programs. It will be quick we promise! Appointments will be available from 8:00-2:00 starting August 2nd. Please email or for an appointment, call 587-1228, option 4.

Activities available 
(please note currently we are closed due to Covid-19 and not all listed are available)

We are currently offering lunch's through Mary's Bistro via curbside pick up, help with social services (by appointment), access to the internet and the ability to check out iPads and Chromebooks for use on-site. In addition, the lobby, Game Room and library are available for socializing (we request that you maintain social distancing whenever possible). Our programming and events are available and to see all options visit to enroll in these. Please visit the fitness programs tab on this page for information about use of the Fitness Center and our fitness classes. 

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For all other questions, concerns and inquiries, please do not hesitate to call the Senior Center or stop by at 67 Conz St., Northampton!

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